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The word "stowaway" refers to a person, who travels by means of transportation without a ticket.

Stowaway, H.C. Andersen, coach, transportation, ticket, , , ,
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Liberty Memorial


The Statue of Liberty is a monument that commemorates the abolition of the Emancipation of the peasantry

Liberty Memorial, The French Revolution, Emancipation, Danish monarchy, , , , ,
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A crossbow shoots off the arrow by pulling the trigger and reached its height of popularity in the Middle Ages

Weapons, Technology, Crossbow, Middle Ages, , , , ,
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Danish West Indies, the


Denmark had colonies in India, Africa and America in the period of 1620-1920

Danish Colonial Empire, Colonial Power, colony, Danish West Indies, slave trade, , , ,
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World Clock, Jens Olsen's


Jens Olsen's World Clock at City Hall in Copenhagen is an astronomical clock, which shows Siderean and Central European time.

, , , , ,
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Absalon, Archbishop


Absalon first built a castle at Copenhagen, then a small port called Havn, and laid foundations for the future expansion of the city.

founder of Copenhagen, Absalon, Middle Ages, Sorø, Roskilde, Bishop Absalon, , Bishop,
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Frederik III - King


Frederik III (1609-1670) was married to Sofie Amalie of Brunswick-Lüneburg and introduced absolute monarchy in Denmark

Frederik III, King Denmark, Absolute monarchy, coronation charter, , , , ,
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Blue Tower (Blåtårn)


Blåtårn, which could be translated as "Blue Tower", was the greatest tower of Copenhagen Castle, and its most fearsome prison.

Leonara Christina, Copenhagen Castle, Christiansborg Palace, Blåtårn, Blue Tower, , , ,
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Eckersberg, C. W.


Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg (1783-1853) was a Danish painter from the early 19th century

Golden Age, Eckersberg, Danish painter, Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg, , , , ,
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