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The Gold Coast


The Gold Coast was a Danish colony in West Africa from 1658 to 1850. Gold, ivory and slaves were the primary trade products

Gold Coast, Colony, Danish Colony, Colonial Power, , , , ,
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Jensen, Peter L.


Peter L. Jensen invented the loudspeaker and was a hi-fi pioneer. Jensen’s speakers were e.g. used by Fender in their amplifiers

speaker, inventor, sound, Jensen, Peter Jensen, , , ,
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Dansk Studiering - Ringen


Ringen was a Danish resistance organization, who spread illegal magazines and build military wait groups in Denmark

Ringen, resistance, Dansk studiering, Danish Study Circle, The circle, , , ,
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Emancipation of the peasantry (bondefrihed)


The emancipation of the peasantry allowed the peasants to decide where they wanted to live and work.

Emancipation of the peasantry, adscription, peasant, 1788, Emancipation, , , ,
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Assistens-hus, the Royal Privileged


Assistenshuset or "The Royal Privileged Assistens-hus" was a pawnbroking establishment in Copenhagen from 1688 to 1975

Pawnbroker, Ministry of Culture, Assistenshuset, Christian V, , , , ,
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Hellesen, Wilhelm


The Danish amateur inventor Wilhelm Hellesen invented one of the first dry cell batteries

inventor, Hellesen, Ludvigsen, battery, Hellesens, , , ,
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The word "stowaway" refers to a person, who travels by means of transportation without a ticket.

Stowaway, H.C. Andersen, coach, transportation, ticket, , , ,
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Danish Resistance Movement, The


The Danish Resistance Movement operated with e.g. sabotage operations and executions of informants

resistance, occupation of Denmark, resistance fighters, sabotage, The Danish Resistance Movement, , , , , , , , ,
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Aggersborg Viking fortification


Aggersborg is the largest Viking fortification found in Denmark

Vikings, fortress, Harald Bluetooth, Trelleborg, Aggersborg, , , ,
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