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la Cour, Poul


Poul la Cour was a Danish inventor and trailblazer in the development of local windmills

Poul le Cour, le Cour, inventor, windmill, , , , ,
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The word "gothic" refers to many different things: it is both a style, language, font and literature-genre

gothic, literature, gothic language, , , , , ,
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Hellesen, Wilhelm


The Danish amateur inventor Wilhelm Hellesen invented one of the first dry cell batteries

inventor, Hellesen, Ludvigsen, battery, Hellesens, , , ,
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Danish Westindies, the


The Danish West Indies - three small islands in the Caribbean Sea - was a Danish colony from 1672 to 1917

Danish Westindies, Colony, St Croix, St Thomas, St Jan, , , ,
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Half-timbered houses have walls constructed of timber with the spaces filled with brick, granite boulders, plaster or wattle-and-daub

timber frames, Funen, Half-timber, houses, , , , ,
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The word "bastion" refers the angular protruding parts of a fortress

fortress, defence, ring wall, archers, , , , ,
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A drawbridge is a bridge that can be raised and lowered. It is often found at the entrance to a fortress.

, , , , ,
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Lehmann, Orla


Orla Lehmann was a Danish politician and an opponent of the Danish monarchy. He was a frontline figure in the Eider Policy

Lehmann, Orla, Orla Lehmann, Eider Policy, , , , ,
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The Golden Horns of Gallehus


The Golden Horns were found near Møgeltønder in 1639 and 1734. The originals were stolen and remelted. Today, copies are exhibited

The Golden Horns, Nationalmuseet, Gallehus, Ingemann, , , , ,
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