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The thingstead was the center of the judicial, executive and legislative branches in the Viking Age and the Middles Ages

thingstead, communal meeting, legislative executive judicial, , , , , ,
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Funnel Beaker Culture, the


The Funnel Beaker Culture was part of the Danish Neolithic Age. It is named for its typical funnel beaker ceramics

Funnel Beaker Culture, Neolithic, Ceramics, Bronze Age, , , , ,
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Eider Policy


The main purpose of The Eider Policy was to define the Danish state and its borders

Eider Policy, Ejderpolitik, Lehmann, Jutland peninsula, , , , ,
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The Dano-Swedish Wars


The Dano-Swedish Wars refer to the many wars between Denmark and Sweden in the period of 1563-1720

Dano-Swedish War, Denmark, Sweden, Baltic Sea, dispute, , , ,
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Viking Fortress


The viking fortresses are Aggersborg, Fyrkat, Nonnebakken, Trelleborg, and Borgeby. They were constructed as ringforts.

, , , , ,
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la Cour, Poul


Poul la Cour was a Danish inventor and trailblazer in the development of local windmills

Poul le Cour, le Cour, inventor, windmill, , , , ,
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Public "Fruentimmer"


The term a public "Fruentimmer" was used in Denmark and refers to a prostitute

prostitute, public fruentimmer, offentlig fruentimmer, prostitution, veneral infections, , , ,
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Damme Stone


Damestenen (the Dame Stone) also called Dammestenen (the Damme Stone) is the largest boulder in Denmark

Hesselager, Funen, boulder, Dammestenen, Damestenen, , , ,
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Greyfriars came to Denmark in the 1200s and built monasteries in Odense and Ribe

Mendicant order, Greyfriars , Franciscan, monk, , , , ,
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