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The Dano-Swedish Wars


The Dano-Swedish Wars refer to the many wars between Denmark and Sweden in the period of 1563-1720

Dano-Swedish War, Denmark, Sweden, Baltic Sea, dispute, , , ,
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Danish Resistance Movement, The


The Danish Resistance Movement operated with e.g. sabotage operations and executions of informants

resistance, occupation of Denmark, resistance fighters, sabotage, The Danish Resistance Movement, , , , , , , , ,
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Valhal, home of Odin in Asgard. Valhal is also home to the Einherjar, fallen warriors and heroes. Valhal means "home of the fallen"

, , , , , , , ,
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Emancipation of the peasantry (bondefrihed)


The emancipation of the peasantry allowed the peasants to decide where they wanted to live and work.

Emancipation of the peasantry, adscription, peasant, 1788, Emancipation, , , ,
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BOPA was a Danish resistance group in Copenhagen during WW II. The group performed liquidations and sabotage

sabotage, liquidations, resistance group, world war II, civil partisans, , , ,
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Dagmar, Queen


Dagmar of Bohemia was one of the most popular of all Denmark's queens. She was known for her beauty and kindness

Queen Dagmar, Berengaria, Valdemar, Valdemar Sejr, King , , , ,
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Dannemand, Frederikke


Frederikke Dannemand was the daughter of a shipbuilder. She was introduced to Frederik 6, with whom she began a lifelong relationship

Dannemand, Frederikke, Frederikke Dannemand, Frederik 6., , , , ,
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Hellesen, Wilhelm


The Danish amateur inventor Wilhelm Hellesen invented one of the first dry cell batteries

inventor, Hellesen, Ludvigsen, battery, Hellesens, , , ,
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Fenrir Wolf, the


The Fenrir Wolf is a creature in Nordic mythology

Nordic Mythology, Fenrir wolf, Loki, æsir, ragnarok, , , ,
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