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Electromagnetism is the study of electrical and magnetic fields and the coherence between them

Electromagnetism, H.C. Ørsted, Ørsted, Electrical, magnetic, , , ,
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Danish Law


Danish Law from 1683 is the first completed Code of the Kingdom of Denmark

Danish Law, Danske Lov, regulation, Danish Constitution, , , , ,
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Damme Stone


Damestenen (the Dame Stone) also called Dammestenen (the Damme Stone) is the largest boulder in Denmark

Hesselager, Funen, boulder, Dammestenen, Damestenen, , , ,
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Baroque was a 17th century style in painting, sculpture, architecture, theatre, literature and music. It was grandiose and dramatic

Nysø Manor, Absolute monarchy, artistic style, Baroque, architecture, , , ,
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Four-poster Bed


A Four-poster bed, or canopy bed, is the term used to describe a bed with four posters and a baldachin

Four-poster Bed, Medieval Age, 1700, canopy bed, , , , ,
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Brahe, Tycho


Tycho Brahe is the founder of modern astronomy. His discoveries are milestones in the history of science.

Brahe, Tycho Brahe, astronomy, De Nova Stella, , , , ,
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The word dragoons refers to a unit of mounted soldiers

Dragoon, military, mounted soldier, infantry, horseback, , , ,
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Franciscan Monks


The Franciscans created their first monastery in Denmark in Ribe. By the end of the Middle Ages they had 20 monasteries in Denmark

munk, grayfriar, monk, monasteries, , , , ,
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