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Public "Fruentimmer"


The term a public "Fruentimmer" was used in Denmark and refers to a prostitute

prostitute, public fruentimmer, offentlig fruentimmer, prostitution, veneral infections, , , ,
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Great War, the


The term First World War did not come into usage until the start of the Second World War. Read about the war here

, , , , , , , ,
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Aggersborg Viking fortification


Aggersborg is the largest Viking fortification found in Denmark

Vikings, fortress, Harald Bluetooth, Trelleborg, Aggersborg, , , ,
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Assistens-hus, the Royal Privileged


Assistenshuset or "The Royal Privileged Assistens-hus" was a pawnbroking establishment in Copenhagen from 1688 to 1975

Pawnbroker, Ministry of Culture, Assistenshuset, Christian V, , , , ,
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, , , , , , , ,
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A gig is a two-wheeled horse carriage

horse, carriage, gig, wagon, , , , ,
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The Dano-Swedish Wars


The Dano-Swedish Wars refer to the many wars between Denmark and Sweden in the period of 1563-1720

Dano-Swedish War, Denmark, Sweden, Baltic Sea, dispute, , , ,
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Four-poster Bed


A Four-poster bed, or canopy bed, is the term used to describe a bed with four posters and a baldachin

Four-poster Bed, Medieval Age, 1700, canopy bed, , , , ,
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Hammershus is situated at the Northern part of Bornholm and is the largest castle ruin in Northern Europe from the Middle Ages

Hammershus, Castle, Valdemar II, Leonora, Bornholm, , , ,
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