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The Golden Age


The Golden Age in Denmark was at period of great artistry. Many traces of the Golden Age can be seen in the city image or at museums

The Golden Age, Romantiscism, Epoch, artform, , , , ,
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The Stone Age


During the Stone Age, humans lived as hunters and gatherers. Eventually, they started settling down

Stone Age, Bronze Age, Neolithic Mesolithic Paleolithic, Denmark, , , , ,
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Folk high school


A folk high school in Denmark refers to an educational institution - also known as an University or College

academic, education, folk high school, university, , , , ,
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Moats are found surrounding fortresses, buildings and cities. Historically, a moat was used for defense.

Moat, Egeskov Castle, Vordingborg, Defense, , , , ,
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The Hærulf Runestone


The Hærulf runestone is located at Hærvejen between Immervad and Hovslund in south Jutland

Hærulf Runestone, Hærvejen, Immervad and Hovslund, South Jutland, Germany, , , ,
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The word dragoons refers to a unit of mounted soldiers

Dragoon, military, mounted soldier, infantry, horseback, , , ,
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Tollund Man, the


The Tollund Man is on display at the Silkeborg Museum. He is a bog sacrifice from the earliest part of the Iron Age

bog body, Tollund, Silkeborg, Bronze Age, Iron Age, , , ,
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Blue Tower (Blåtårn)


Blåtårn, which could be translated as "Blue Tower", was the greatest tower of Copenhagen Castle, and its most fearsome prison.

Leonara Christina, Copenhagen Castle, Christiansborg Palace, Blåtårn, Blue Tower, , , ,
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Holckenhavn Castle


The Holckenhavn castle is a manor situated at Funen. The Holck-family has been the proprietor since 1662

Holkenhavn Castle, Manor, Leonora Christina, Frederik III, , , , ,
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