Guideservice·Denmark's definitions of types of guides

There are several different kinds of guides. Here you will find the definitions we use at Guideservice·Denmark.

A GUIDE IN GENERAL, according to Guideservice·Denmark's definitions, is a person that works with a group of people for a short time, takes the group on a small guided tour in a certain geographical area and talks about a certain theme.

It can be a guide in Denmark, who guides Danish guests in Danish, or foreign guests in another language. It can also be a Danish speaking guide who lives abroad and works as a local guide here.

A guide is paid per hour.

According to Guideservice·Denmark's definitions, a TOUR GUIDE or TOUR MANAGER participates in a tour with a group from the pick up point until the end. The tour manager follows the group for several days and stays with the group.

A tour manager is present during the entire tour, he or she carries out the practical tasks, tells about the country during the tour, and furthermore, he or she assist the guests - anything within reason. A tour manager is not an expert, but has all round knowledge about the country in which he or she travels. A tour manager is able to assist the whole group as a group, and also each invidual participant, if possible.

A tour guide and tour manager is paid per 24 hours.

According to i Guideservice·Denmark's definitions, a DIPLOMA GUIDE works in the same way as a guide in general, but has another educational background.

A diploma guide  works for Guideservice·Denmark only in Denmark. Such a guide is educated at the University Centre of Roskilde, RUC. Most of these guides live and work in Copenhagen and its surroundings, but a few of them live elsewhere in Denmark. 

A diploma guide  is paid per hour.

 Guideservice·Denmark's definition a person that works as a guide within his or her professional educational area.

A guide qualified by profession can be a historian who talks about certain historical themes, a nature guide who loves nature, or a biologist. There are many kinds of special educated guides. They stick strictly to their areas, and they have special knowledge which you cannot expect from all guides.

A guide qualified by profession is paid per hour.

A GUIDE WITH NARROW TOPIC, is according to Guideservice·Denmark's definitions, a person who is specialised in a certain theme, and he or she guides within this theme.

The guides with narrow topics are in different ways specialised in certain themes. There are many ways to become specialised. The guides that work for Guideservice·Denmark have typically gained their knowledges and skills through their interest and experience.

A guide with narrow topic is paid per hour.

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