Internships for unemployed - what can you offer?

In our office we value the collaborations we create with our interns. We agree to take on interns when we see a purpose for internship, both for us and for the intern. 

All of our internships take place at our office in Odense, Denmark. You cannot receive an internship as a guide, a tour guide, a speaker or as a host. Those tasks are only assigned to freelance guides with professional experience within their field. 

An internship here will primarily focus on improving your skills in order to create better work opportunities for you. For example, if you are working on History Time, you create a product that you bring with you to a future employer - either as a writer or as a translator.  

We can offer internships that involve for example:

  • translations - what languages do you speak?
  • multimedia design
  • project management
  • SEO expert
  • writer of historical texts 

Internships for unemployed - we offer:

  • a cosy, informal and busy office - but there is always time for a chat
  • assignments that are not offered as paid tasks
  • feedback on your work

Who knows, we might find out that there is a possibility for you to come on as a freelancer after your internship. It has been known to happen.

So far we have cooperated well with students from Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt, from the multimedia programme and marketing programme. 

We have also cooperated well with unemployed people, who for example have translated and written texts for History Time, have worked with marketing or have worked with internet updates. 

If you have any ideas for an internship that will benefit the both of us, please contact us for further discussion - we greatly appreciate our interns, who often show us new angles and help us creating new possibilities - both for them and for us. 

NB, we prefer to receive your information in this form. We do not read attached files, as we receive too many irrelevant applications.

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