Carl Nielsen - Dane, man and composer. Lecture by Mette


The composer Carl Nielsen, Danish, wellknown and famous.

Carl Nielsen was born near Nørre Lyndelse on the Funen island in 1865.

How well do you know Carl Nielsen, his upbringing and life as a young man in Odense and later on as a husband and father in Copenhagen. How well do you know his music?

Let me tell you the story of Carl Nielsen as a man, father and composer.

You might know about his symphonies but how well do you know his songs? Most of them are wellknown to the Danes and I'll sing a couple to you and also play some of his tunes.

Do you know that there is an international musicians competition in his name every second year in Odense where he spent his years as a young man.

I can also take you on a walk in the city and introduce you to the two museums for Carl Nielsen

The composer Carl Nielsens childhood home. Photo: M


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