Danish Culture, Life and Institutions - Perspective and Paradox. Lecture by Lars


Denmark is a funny country, in a funny situation and a funny position on the political map.

On the one hand, the Danes are among the most trusting populations worldwide. Hardly any nation trusts their government more, has a lower corruption, a more efficient civil service, a more peaceful political life, greater economic equality, a happier population, considers international dialog more important or worthwhile or spends more supporting the 3rd world. 

On the other hand, there is a strong undercurrent of insecurity in Danish society, politics and culture.

Foreigners may be considered dangerous, other countries are flawed because they are not like Denmark. Socially, large parts of the population take a step backwards when they meet "the other", for example something foreign, unknown, strange... It is a challenge to be accepted into the local community if you move from one part of the country to another - and in Denmark this goes for the natives as well.

What are the historical factors behind this? What kind of place is Denmark, really? What kind of society, and what is a real Dane?

It is probably no coincidence if similar themes surfaced in the BREXIT discussion in the UK 2019 as well. But let us stay with Denmark for now, shall we?

The relationship with Germany is central in DK


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