Frescoes in Danish Churches. Lecture by Mathias


Talk about Danish Medieval frescoes from the Romanesque period to the Gothic, 1100-1534.

I will try to give a historic walk-through of Danish frescoes with a starting point in the church in Bellinge and its wonderful decorations. Throughout the talk I will also discuss other Danish churches. 

Frescoes are a topic full of both artistry, history and science, and I will try to walk you through all aspects of this. Who created them and why? What do they depict? And how were they created?

This is a presentation. Should you be interested in a visit to some of these churches either in connection to or in stead of this talk, I can recommend one of my trips to churches on Western Funen

Bellinge Church. Photo: Mathias


1 - 2 hours
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I am an educated historian with a focus on the Classical civilizations and early Christianity. Furthermore I work at my local church and am going to study Theology. 
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Antiquity, antiquities, porcelain, history, Christianity, church history, Tunisia, Rome and Italy, Greece
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