Gods and Goddesses in Nepalese Culture. Lecture by Inge


This lecture is about Nepalese Culture. In Nepal they live with Hinduism and Buddhism both in daily life and during the many religious festivals.

You can hear the story of the living goddess Kumari and how she got the status of the Kathmandu Valley Protector. Or how the Nepalese celebrate Dasain, the festival of colors, the women's festival or some of the many other festivals.

I show beautiful, colorful slides and video clips in the lectures.

I collaborate with Nepalese dancers and cooks, so it is possible to arrange a whole day or evening with food, lectures and live performances with dance and singing.

The living Goddes Kumari | Book lecture: +4541562859


1 - 2 hours
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I am an experienced lecturer and storyteller. I like to tell and show good photos of exotic cultures and my own experiences while travelling. 
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