How to Speak to a Dane. Lecture by Dan


How to Speak to a Dane and other tips to know when in Denmark.

An informal lecture about Danish culture and Danes. This can answer some of your questions if you have already spent some days in Denmark or give you some tips and tricks for handling Danes on your upcoming stay in Denmark.

Here some quick highlights of what to expect from this lecture:

Which castles have not been in a fire, and what happens when we have a mad king? I will give you a quick view of the Danish history and the Danish monarchy.

Why can you not sit next to a Dane in a bus unless all other seats are taken, and what’s with all the bikes? I will tell you about the Danish mentality and culture.

Why do the best beers in the world come from Denmark, and why is a Danish called bread from Vienna in Denmark? I will tell you how to eat and drink in Denmark.

What is the most ridiculous Danish word, and why do most Danes have a silly English accent? I will tell why the Danish language is so hard to learn, and I will attempt to teach you a few words in Danish.

Please let me know if you want me to talk about something specific, and I will be happy to do that. 

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