Jelling, the Cradle of Denmark. Lecture by Lone


The town of Jelling has changed dramatically over the last year. The runic stones and, the burial mounds in Jelling and the church was the first in Denmark to be recognized as World Cultural Heritage.

The lecture tells about the monuments in Jelling and the kings who reigned here and founded what we today know as Denmark. It is also a story about the Vikings; the exciting thing about the Viking Age in relation to European history, is that it is a special part of Danish history.

But why did our ancestors become Vikings? And how was the Viking Age? How old was Gorm the Old? Why were so many engineer works built in this period; among others the ring fortresses around Denmark.

Based on my experience as a guide in Jelling and guide on several cruise ship excursions to the ring fortress of Fyrkat, you will be told about the Danish Viking Age. Of the creation of the state of Denmark and of King Harald's decision to take on Christianity.

The Jelling Runic stones. Photo: Lone


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