Learn to Look at Sculptures. Lecture by Mathias


Are you visiting a museum with sculptures? Or are you just interested in learning more about what sculptures can tell us? Then this is the presentation for you!

This is a presentation, where the history of sculptures will be described and analysed chronologically, moving from the ancient sculptures of Greece, Rome, and even ancient Mesopotamia and Turkey all the way up to modern day sculptures.

Questions and comments are always welcome!

Please let me know which museums you will be visiting, so I can plan the presentation accordingly.

Asklepius. Roman copy. Photo: Mathias


1 - 2 hours
About the lecturer
I am an educated historian with a focus on the Classical civilizations and early Christianity. Furthermore I work at my local church and am going to study Theology. 
I am interested in
Antiquity, antiquities, porcelain, history, Christianity, church history, Tunisia, Rome and Italy, Greece
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