Lust and Longings at Sea. Lecture by Lisa


Long-lasting dreams at sea - beautiful women and aphrodisiacs through time.

The history of aphrodisiacs is quite hot. These include, among other things, Spanish flies, monkeys, mercury, mushrooms, asparagus, alrunerod, menstrual blood and tears of a mermaid.

Based on my research publication about a mermaid's tears, I'll start a journey in the history of love - from nature's own aphrodisiac that were brought home, from the seven seas of the world, to the artificial, but effective Viagra.

I'll focus on Aphrodite's power and nature's love affairs, which range from herbs, coffee, cocoa and even potatoes.

It's an interesting, knowledgeable and intriguing lecture - which would be great with a glass of champagne - to spark the curiosity, as we come across symbols of phallos, weird aphrodisiacs and living mermaids.

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