Medicinal Mushrooms: Past and Present Medicinal Use. Lecture by


Medicinal Mushrooms: How they helped us from our earliest days and what we can use them for today. Mushrooms and Humans: Past til Present. An introduction to the world of medicinal mushrooms.

Mushrooms were on the planet before most other biological lifeforms, and they facilitated the rise of life on the planet as we know it and continue to be an essential part of the biosphere and continued existence of life on earth. For humans this helpfull relationship goes as far back as we do, not least through the utiliization of medicinal mushrooms.
This talk explores how humans throughout history have seen and utilized mushrooms for our survival for everything from basic survival to what the buddhist call enlightenment. 
Next, we will look into which medicinal mushrooms exist, and what we as present day humans can use them for in regards to our health and our relationship with nature.
There will also be an introduction to gathering medicinal mushrooms which can be found in the Danish nature. There is a diasshow with a detailed presentation of local species and the look alikes they might be mistaken for.
Finally I will explain how one goes about making medicine from medicinal mushrooms at home.
If you, my dear future mushroom hunters are interested, I can bring a tasty, immune boosting medicinal mushroom tea brewed from chaga, reish and liqurice root, in which case I will need an additional 30 kr per particpant.
This lecture can also function as an introductory talk followed by an actual medicinal mushroom gathering forest walk on a later date, where we will identify and gather mushrooms for our own consumption in a Danish forest which could be: tage på svampetur i Dyrehaven. Bear in mind that mushroom gathering is to some extent based on luck, so yields vary.
Thats me under the Nordic version of reishi mushroom


1 - 2 hours
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Projector, cabel for conecting to a computer, cups for participants.
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I am very passionate about this topic. My mission is not simply to spread knowledge or entertain, but to some small extent inspire people to take back the power of their own lives and health.  
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Religion, social structures, history, animism, rock climbing, foraging/mushroom hunting, languages, China/sinology, natural medicine, martial arts, cooking/food
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