Odense - From Urban Freeway to Secluded Spots


A city walk in Odense with sights from historical buildings to urban freeways and bustling modern areas.

Odense has undergone a massive transformation the last few years, under the motto ''From big city to metropolis''. A wide 4-lane road was constructed through the city's beautiful old centre in the 1970's. That road has finally been removed and the inner city is slowly growing together again.

We'll take a walk through the city centre along the newly built areas that the new tram system will be crossing. During our walk, I will be telling you interesting stories about all the problems and challenges that digging up the earth around here posed while the area was still under construction. Whether problems with pipelines, electric cables or how on earth they managed to plant such beautiful trees on top of an underground parking garage. Whether it's an ancient bishop's burial place or the well-known ruin from the 15th century that had to be moved once again. We'll also be exploring the inner city's beautiful secluded spots.

We'll also be passing through Hans Christian Andersen's neighbourhood, where I'll tell you a detailed account of his life while we pass by his house and the new museum from the outside. Afterwards we'll take a walk along Odense River in Eventyrhaven towards Odense Cathedral, hearing about Saint Canute's murder and the city's abbeys.

Coffee and / or lunch arrangements at one of the city's excellent restaurants can be ordered through Guideservice Danmark.


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