Tour managers

Guide Service Denmark has a large network of tour managers, who are carefully selected. We choose good and experienced tour managers who can skillfully guide the guests to and at the destination. 

To be a tour manager is for many a lifestyle rather than simply a job. Our tour managers have a very special connection to the country in which they work as tour managers. Typically, our tour managers live or work, or have previously lived or worked, in the country. They might even have grown up in the country. The fact that the tour managers have a special connection to the country is an important factor for Guide Service Denmark when recruiting new tour managers. It is moreover of great importance to us that our tour managers put their heart into the assignments and have guest service in focus. 

The guiding tour manager

We want our tour managers to take on the narrating role during the trip, whether it is a round trip or if the group stays at one destination. We call this "the guiding tour manager". 

The tour manager therefore, to an extent, replaces the written travel guide as the tour manager usually tells about the country's culture, history and social conditions. 

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