In case of disagreement, the Danish Terms of Agreement are authoritative.

Rates you find on each provider's individual profile.

Below all tour descriptons is stated which guides are qualified for the tour as well as their rates.

Guides are booked on an hourly basis.

Tour managers are booked for at least two consecutive days, full board and lodging included.

If in doubt see our definition on the differences between local guides and tour managers

Shortcuts to the different sections of the Terms of Agreement:

  1. General provisions
  2. GuideService Danmark acts as an intermediary
  3. Entering into agreement
  4. Rates - ordinary as well as last minute bookings
  5. Preferred Partner Benefits
  6. Cancellations
  7. Special terms pertaining consumers
  8. Future bookings
  9. Special terms pertaining running guides or bicycle guides
10. Special terms pertaining tours in canoes or kayaks
11. Responsibility
12. Laws and jurisdiction
13. Contact

The full text is found below.

Terms of Agreement

 Valid as of October 2022

1. General provisions

  1. The currently valid Terms of Agreement regulate all contracts between GuideService Danmark, cvr.-nr. 31405467, and the customer.

  2. Any changes to or additions to these terms or other interactions apply only if the parties have agreed to them in writing.

  3. When these Terms of Agreement are translated into other languages and should doubt about the interpretation arise, the Danish version is authoritative.

  4. "Provider" means the person, who is booked by a customer, either as a tour guide, a tour manager or a lecturer.

2. GuideService Danmark act as an intermediary

  1. In regard to the delivery of the services agreed upon, GuideService Danmark is solely an intermediary between the customer and the responsible provider.

  2. When a customer books a provider through Guideservice Danmark, Guideservice Danmark acts exclusively as an intermediary between the customer and the provider.

3. Entering into Agreement

  1. Before entering into any agreement, the custumer must accept GuideService Danmark's Terms of Agreement and the customer is encouraged to review them thoroughly.

  2. The assignment will be executed upon reception of the deposit.

  3. The contract is final and in force when GuideService Danmark forwards the contact information to the customer on behalf of the provider.

  4. The customer is solely responsible for ensuring that any information the customer supplies is correct. GuideService Danmark does not subsequently check or validate information received.

4. Rates

  1. Administration Fee:

    1. booking of guides DKK 44 excl. VAT (DKK 55 incl. VAT)
    2. booking of tour managers DKK 124 excl. VAT (DKK 155 incl. VAT)
    3. booking af foredragsholdere DKK 124 excl. VAT (DKK 155 incl. VAT)

  2. Any launched assignment will be charged to the customer according to the extent of completion. If the customer chooses not to book any of the suggested providers, GuideService Danmark will charge a fee for the handling. In case GuideService Danmark does not succeed in finding a suitable provider, no fee will be charged and the deposit will be reimbursed.

  3. The rates and services of the providers are listed on the website. A customer may book any provider directly and so avoid any planning fee.

  4. Comprehensive requests, proposals, commenced or cancelled assignments are charged according to their degree of completion, a minimal charge of DKK 500 + VAT applies.

  5. When a booking confirmation is sent, subsequent modifications carry a modification fee. Booking of tickets and the like is charged with at least DKK 250 + VAT depending on the amount of time spent.

  6. Urgent assignments always carry a surcharge of no less than DKK 1.200 + VAT. This also applies should GuideService Danmark not succeed in supplying a suitable provider.

    1. For tour managers twelve (12) days before the assignment begins.

    2. For local guides four (4) days before the assignment begins.

    3. For speakers twelve (12) days before the assignment begins.

5. Preferred Partner Benefits

When an agency agrees to book all its tour guides or tour managers throughout Denmark with Guideservice Danmark you become a Preferred Partner.

Each calendar year preferred partners commit to complete bookings of either guides for a minimum of DKK 40.000 or tour managers for a minimum of DKK 850.000.

If the agreement include bookings of both guides and tour managers the miminum is DKK 875.000. 

Any agreement to this effect between a travel agency and Guide Service Denmark must be entered into in writing and will apply for any future bookings. Termination must be in writing with a 30 days notice.

    1. Entering an agreement as Preferred Partner Guideservice Danmark offers to cooperate with all the guides and tour managers currently employed by the Preferred Partner. If required present guides/tour mangagers employed by the Preferred Partner will get priority acces to any future assignments from the Preferred Partner.

    2. With Preferred Partner bookings at least four (4) weeks in advance, Guideservice Danmark commits to finding the required local guide.

    3. With Preferred Partner bookings at least twelve (12) weeks in advance, Guideservice Danmark commits to finding the required tour manager.

    4. With Preferred Partners we can agree on fixed rates - however this annulls the discount in section 5 - VIII.

    5. Preferred Partners pay no deposits.

    6. Preferred Partners pay no administration fee.

    7. Preferred Partners pay no cancellation fees with cancelling a guide more than 48 hours prior to the tour and a tour manager more than 14 days prior to the assignment. For cancellations later than this the full rate must be paid.

    8. Preferred Partners get a 50% discount on the fee for urgent bookings - see 5.

    9. Preferred Partners get a discount on guides booked more than 14 days prior to the assignment and tour managers booked more than 12 weeks prior to the assignment. Discount as follows:

    • 5% on bookings of guides for the remainder of the year once you exceed bookings for DKK 95.000 within a calendar year
    • 5% of the daily rate for tour managers for the remainder of the year once you exceed bookings for DKK 1.500.000 within a calendar year when booking tour managers more than 12 weeks prior to departure.

6. Cancellations

  1. Any cancellation must be made in writing to Guideservice Danmark.

  2. If a customer cancels a booking the deposit is nonrefundable.

  3. If a customer cancels an assignment with at least four (4) weeks' notice, the provider assigned is not entitled to any fee.

  4. Tour managers and lecturers are entitled to 50% of their fee if a customer cancels an assignment with at least three (3) weeks notice. For cancellations with shorter notice the provider is entitled to the full rate.

  5. Local guides are entitled to 50% of their rates if a customer cancels an assignment with at least two (2) weeks' notice. For cancellations with shorter notice the provider is entitled to the full rate. 

  6. If a provider cancels an assignment, he has an obligation to supply an adequate replacement and cover any additional expenses pertaining.

7. Special terms pertaining consumers

  1. According to the Danish law "Forbrugeraftaleloven" § 18 stk.2. booking of providers is not covered by right of regrets, therefore only section 5 in this document applies.

  2. According to the Danish law "forældelsesloven", a customer being a consumer can make a timely complaint about the service and might receive a partial or a full refund.

8. Future bookings

  1. Any future booking of or contact with a provider from our platform must go officially through Guideservice Danmark.

  2. In case of breach by a customer, a penalty of DKK 8.000,- per instance is due.

  3. This applies for three years after the customer's lastest booking of the provider.

9. Special terms pertaining running guides or bicycle guides

  1. The participants carry full responsibility for their own personal safety and can never hold Guideservice Danmark or the guide liable for accidents, illness or other consequences of riding a bike or going running.

  2. Running speed is stated in the route description. The guide has the right to refuse any participants who can not keep up. This does not constitute just cause for seeking compensation.

  3. The participants are responsible for complying with traffic laws, must adapt to circumstances and show consideration towards other road users.

  4. Participants are responsible for bringing food, drinks or other relevant supplies themselves.

  5. If for some reason a guide is detained and can not complete a booked assignment, GuideService Danmark will supply a replacement. Should this be impossible, the customer will receive a full refund.

10. Special terms pertaining tours in canoes or kayaks

  1. In case of bad weather such as a thunderstorm, or wind speeds averaging 8 m/s or above, the trip will be canceled and the customer will receive a full refund.

  2. The participants are fully responsible for their own safety and and can not make GuideService Danmark or the provider liable for accidents, illness or unwanted consequences of canoeing or kayaking.

11. Responsibility

  1. Guideservice Danmark can not be held liable for any shortcomings pertaining the booked assignment, which is a matter between the customer and the assigned provider.

    1. Guideservice Danmark handles any claim for compensation against the provider on behalf of the customer and will handle reimbursements whether partial or in full.

    2. Should there be a complaint Guideservice Danmark might ask the Danish "Pakkerejseankenævnet" for qualified advice.

  1. Guideservice Danmark shall not be held liable for delayed or flawed service if this is due to force majeure and this can be reasonably pleaded.

  2. Force Majeure is understood as any cause that is beyond the control of Guideservice Danmark and that could not have been anticipated, e.g. earthquake, civil war or unrest, tsunamis and the like.

  3. Guideservice Danmark remains without liability if it can be shown, that fulfilling an obligation would constitue an unreasonable burden.

12. Laws and jurisdiction

  1. Any disagreement arising from the Terms of Agreement or any other contract between the parties shall be decided according to Danish law with the modifications springing from the agreements made.

  2. The Court in Odense shall be the venue for any legal disagreement.

13. Contact

  1. Any questions can be adressed to
    Guideservice Danmark by/ Mette Berrig
    Thorsgade 21
    DK-5000 Odense C
    Tel: +45 4156 2859

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