Terms of Agreement

Note: It is at any time, the Danish version of Terms of Agreement that is in force.  You can read the Danish Version here.

Offers and tasks in progress will be settled according to the time spent on solving the task. If you do not book one of the qualified candidates that we have found for the assignment, a booking fee is always paid for solving the task of finding a guide, tour manager, lecturer or Visit a Dane host. 

  • A booking fee has to be paid, when we send names on guides etc. When the booking is confirmed from here, and the contact information forwarded, then the booking is binding for both parties. Payment of the booking fee is your confirmation of the assignment in hand, and only when it has been paid, Guide Service Denmark is obligated to perform the assignment for you. The booking fee is refunded 100% when the final invoice is sent for payment.


  • The rate for guides is per commensed hour - to be seen on each profile
  • The rate for a guiding tour manager is per commensed day - to be seen on each profile
  • The rate for a lecturer is per lecture – to be seen under each lecture
  • The rate for Visit a Dane hosts covers the host's described offer
  • Offers, inquiries, and commenced assignments to be settled by the time spend solving it, minimum DKK 500 + VAT
  • The booking fee of DKK 500 must be paid, when Guide Service Denmark has found qualified candidates for the assignment
  • Modifications have a fee of DKK 150/modification + VAT
  • Last minute tasks (solution needed within 72 hours for guides and less than 7 days before departure for tour managers) are always settled with DKK 500 even if we are not able to complete the task. We have very few tasks uncompleted although we cannot always promise an available guide with such short notice


  • All cancellations have to be done in writing to Guide Service Denmark's Booking Manager
  • We do not refund the booking fee
  • Guiding tour managers and lecturers have the right to 50% of their fee in case of cancellation within one month.
  • Guides and Visit a Dane hosts have the right to 50% of their fee in case of cancellation within one week
  • The reserved guide, guiding tour manager, host, or lecturer has the right to the entire fee in case of cancellations later than 72 hours
  • Guides, tour managers, hosts, and lecturers can only cancel a booking by procuring a successor who will be paid by the cancelling part himself 

Guide Service Denmark cannot be held responsible for the job being carried out. The responsible parties are the person booking and the subcontractors. In the case of a dispute between Guide Service Denmark and the customer, Danish law is valid. The place of jurisdiction will be the city court of Odense.

You can see prices and book under the individual guide, guiding tour manager or lecturer - and by doing that you save yourself the start price.

Terms specific to Visit a Dane:

  • Visiting hosts are 100 % at your own risk
  • The host can never be held responsible for services or experiences where a subcontractor may fail (for instance a taxi not arriving on time, a sold out concert, etc.)
  • All hosts are obliged to handle food, etc. according to Danish regulations. Food etc., which the guest consumes when visiting a host, is consumed at the guest's own risk.
  • All hosts describe their own activity suggestions. If you have specific wishes for a visit, the host must be informed the latest 72 hours before the visit. It's always OK to have wish, but we cannot promise that all wishes can be met.

Terms specific for booking a running guide:

  • You have the entire responsibility for your safety during the running tour, and Guide Service Denmark or the running guide cannot be held responsible for accidents, illness, or other matters as a consequence of the running tour.
  • You are informed about the pace of the running tours, which is indicated in the description of the running rute. The guide can be compelled to refuse admittance to participants who cannot keep up with the others, and in this case, you are not entitled to claim compensation.
  • You have the responsibility of observing the traffic regulations and of respecting the other road users.
  • Take care to bring drinks or other things that you will need for and during the running tour.
  • The guide will only carry through prebooked tours. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact Guide Service Denmark, phone +45 4156 2859.
  • A guided running tour, booked, and prepaid, must be cancelled no later that one week before, and the amount will be returned. However, a handling fee of DKK 50 will be deducted. Cancellation later than 1 week before will not be refunded. Possible bank fees in connexion with the refunding must be paid by customer.
  • In case the running guide is hindered in carrying out his job, we will find another guide. However, if this would not be possible, the entire amount will be refunded. 

Terms specific for booking of canoe and kayak tours:

  • In case of bad weather, such as heavy rain, thunder or wind (average wind speed of more than 8 m/s), the tour will be cancelled and your payment will be refunded. 


For further information, contact Booking Manager Mette Berrig by e-mail or by phone +45 4156 2859.

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