Tour Manager Crete, Svend


A journey to the living archaeology

As an educated tour manager and Archaeologist, it is a Paradise for me to tell you about ancient cultures and the very first civilizations in Europe. At the same time, I emphasize on Greek mythology which our society is built after today.

Let me show you the way of living in Crete, both by car, bicycle or walking, and enjoy the nice weather it offers!

Working as guide is a natural part of me that I have practised the last 10 years. Now also as a local guide in Copenhagen.


Educational background
Cand.Mag in NearEastern Archaeology - One-Year-Diplom-course by Tour Guide Association in Denmark
First aid qualifications
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I last visited the country - privately or with a group
Comments by customers
much knowledgeable guide
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I am interested in
Vikings, Archaeology, Walking, Biking, Argentina, Denmark, Music.
Experience from the following countries
Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Egypt, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway
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Rate per day DKK
+ expenses to be covered: board and lodging, insurance, transport costs to where the guide meets the group.
Assistance planning tours per commenced hour - DKK +VAT
Transport coverage, guide to meeting place, per. km - DKK
Transport coverage, guide, public transport

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