Tour manager Denmark, Niels

Tour Manager in Denmark Niels' typical attitude

I have been a bit of a globetrotter for many years. I have worked for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support democracy and peace in a number of countries.

I have a past as a lecturer. I am also a tour guide in the Balkans, where I have worked with elections and democracy. In Denmark, I know South, West and North Jutland best. My narrative style is very much characterised by the fact that I am an old lecturer - I illustrate a lot with word pictures without too many foreign words.

I have a loud and clear voice that is easy to hear and understand. In addition, I am a very sociable and friendly person who easily gets in touch with all kinds of people.


First aid qualifications
Year of birth
Preferred mode of transportation to destination
I am interested in
Historie, landbrug, fodbold, IT, kommunikation
Experience from the following countries
Albanien, Kosovo, Montenegro
Average response time
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Rate per day DKK
+ expenses to be covered: board and lodging, insurance, transport costs to where the guide meets the group.
Assistance planning tours per commenced hour - DKK +VAT
Transport coverage, guide to meeting place, per. km - DKK
Transport coverage, guide, public transport

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