Visit Reersø - a Peninsula on Zealand in the Great Belt Strait

A farm-house in Reersø.

On a city walk in Reersø you'll experience the charming little village with timber-framed houses, a tavern by the church and docks for local fishery.

You'll hear about why Reersø received a tax-exempt status in the 15th century, where the typical tail-less cats descend from and much more on this walk.

many artists decided to settle on the island so there are both potters' studios and art galleries.

After the city walk, I suggest and recommend that you take a little excursion into nature on your own. 

Just east from the peninsula, there's a place called ''The Bottle'' (Flasken), which is a wet area with an abundance of birdlife such as migratory birds, ducks, geese and elders. Here you're bound to see kestrels, common buzzards and even sea eagles, if you're lucky.

To the west of the village, the landscape shoots up and then descends steeply into the Great Belt Strait. Here you're offered a beautiful view over the island of Funen, on the other shore. Walking along the beach, you might just stumble upon remnants from the stone-age, pieces of flint both natural and worked by hand; evidences of ancient humans in the area. 



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