Water's Vejle - Way of Life, Architecture, Friend or Foe

The Wave in Vejle

A guided walk in Vejle is the exciting tale of water, the name Vejle also comes from  the word Ford - meaning place where you cross water.

The water has in many ways shaped and continues to shape Vejle - here we must link the past, present and future, nature, industry and architecture in a story about Vejle's ascending path of the river mouth, about industry powered by hydropower, but also Vejle as a harbour city.

At the same time, the water is the theme of the city's most eye-catching architecture, the Wave, Bølgen and the Fiord House, Fjordenhus - and the water presense as a consequence of climate change and the city's resilience planning and exposure.

On our tour and guided walk around the city with visits to the locks, the river, the low lying areas, the Spinners' Halls and the waterfront, I tell the great and many stories about the Vejle of the Water.

We end the city walk at Økolariet, which has a fine illustration of various scenarios for flooding of Vejle. There is the possibility of free admission during the opening hours of Økolariet after our city walk.


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